Definitions for "Nam"
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Network Access Module. Designates the wall-mounted socket for a network connection and wiring going to the network closet. NAMs are also used for telephone lines. A socket on a NAM will be either for data (network) or voice (telephone), not both.
See Number Assignment Module.
Number Assignment Module. The electronic memory in the cellular phone that stores the telephone number and electronic serial number. Phones with dual- or multi-NAM features offer the user the option of registering the phone so that it will have two or more phone numbers.
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imp. of Nim.
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North American Mesoscale
A-D's North American Meeting, held annually in late summer/early fall. Affiliates and Preferred Suppliers get together to discuss business issues such as market trends, new products, cost reduction opportunities, technology developments, and plans for the upcoming year.
The operational North Amercian Meso (NAM, formerly Eta) is run four times per day (00,06,12,18Z), all cycles run to 84-h.
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eams: see National Account Marketing.
National Association of Manufactures
National Account Manager Title of Ford's fleet field sales representatives
Name, name of God. Sikhism places emphasis on the rememberance of God through meditation on Gods name.
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Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) NON-FIXED ACCESS
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Nonaligned Movement
Non-Aligned Movement
Network Applications Manager. When several ICMs are deployed in a hierarchy, the NAM is the top ICM that controls those beneath it.
A type of mix where the output at any point in the picture consists exclusively of whichever input signal had the greater amplitude. This is in contrast to a normal Mix which produces a linear sum of the inputs.
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No auto-margin - suppress am capability
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Negative Active Mass (AM of the negative electrode)
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name Name. Print a secondary name on the banner page
Am not.