Definitions for "SIM"
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Science Interface Module, a translational mechanical structure which moves to allow insertion of either the HRC and ACIS into the telescope focal plane, and to shift between the ACIS-I and S arrays.
A card that the mobile subscriber inserts into the mobile terminal. It contains a code that uniquely identifies an individual subscriber to the network. The SIM card allows the subscriber to use the GSM service regardless of the mobile terminal, that is, a subscriber can remove the SIM card from terminal A, insert it into terminal B, and use any services the SIM card allows on terminal B.
Stands for Subcriber Indentical Module. This allows the user to connect to the phone network the user has paid for and it stores personal settings and/or address books.
Sistema Interamericano de Metrologí a
Sistema Interamericano de Metrologia
Sistema Interamericano de Metrologma
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The UiSimulator.
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Autnal sim-ought-nall
Servizio Informazione Segreto - the Italian secret sevice
Sulfide, Indole, Motility; medium for detecting sulfide formation, indole formation, and motility, for identification of Salmonella and Shigella.
Serving in Mission
Space Interferometry Mission
Space Interferometery Mission
A game genre that replicates actions of "real" life. Some sims are more realistic than others. For instance, many fight simulation games are more realistic than the average physics in a flying game.
A Sim is one of the race of humanoid characters populating Maxis Sim games. Although premade Sims do exist in these games, a complex system of autonomous behaviour is also defined for custom-built Sims that can have a wide variety of personalities.
Service d'Informatique Médicale
Multiprotocol plugin-based instant messenger for X11 , Windows and MaxOS X.
Sociedad de Inversión Mobiliaria - Spanish term for an investment company.
Security Information Management
Structured Information Manager
Skydiver's Information Manual. Published by the USPA, the SIM is a comprehensive manual on USPA policies and training methods. It also includes FARs pertinent to skydiving.
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Sim, short for 'simulated', is a clone of NX-01 Enterprise chief engineer Charles 'Trip' Tucker. He appeared in the episode 'Similitude'. After his creation, Sim lived only a few days before dying in the line of duty.
A method of simulating the strength of alternative plays. This is done using the Simming feature of the basic Maven program, assuming both players are experts and play perfectly. See Maven.
Shore Installation Management. The term used to describe the various activities which are necessary to manage Navy shore installations.
Strategic Instruction Models
Simple Integration Method. An Authorize.Net Payment Gateway Web site connection method that allows merchants to post transactions directly to the payment gateway's secure server and requires transaction-unique encryption for transaction authentication. SIM provides merchants with a hosted payment form (the Web page that collects the customer's payment information) and a hosted receipt page (the Web page that reports a summary of the transaction back to the customer).
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Statistics in Medicine
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Set Initialization Mode
A cord or other device which contains your personal telephone number and which is programmed to allow you to access the Network.
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Security Investment Company.
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