Definitions for "Humanoid "
Humanoid is a pure Java[tm] applet and application version of the classic arcade video game "Defender", which was manufactured by Williams. This clone follows the original game very closely. You will Landers, Mutants, Bombers, Pods, Swarmers, and Baiters are all there together with hyperspace, smartbombs and extra lives.
An alien being with extremely human-like features.
a being that has the characteristics of any species of primate mammals comprising of living persons and their ancestors; First Humans
a manlike animal called a homo sapien, while a human being is the animation of spirit which identifies with itself as the light of the indwelling life force
a human being who has been intentionally denied the God-given birthright to his full human possibilities
a person who has never been allowed to will on his own and has become crippled, paralysed, and is always in search of somebody to command him
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a person who has not really become a grownup