Definitions for "Werewolf"
Gather cups, cause Ragnarok is finally over and the world is shattered. We must collect the shards of this world to build a new world and to see the werewolves rise again.
A new incarnation of the Wolf series of server emulator's for Ultima Online! A howl drifts across the night air, the moon is full, the pack is being called! Who shall answer the summons?
A wolf that was once, or is sometimes, a man. All werewolves are of evil disposition, having assumed a bestial form to gratify a beastial appetite, but some, transformed by sorcery, are as humane and is consistent with an acquired taste for human flesh. Some Bavarian peasants having caught a wolf one evening, tied it to a post by the tail and went to bed. The next morning nothing was there! Greatly perplexed, they consulted the local priest, who told them that their captive was undoubtedly a werewolf and had resumed its human for during the night. "The next time that you take a wolf," the good man said, "see that you chain it by the leg, and in the morning you will find a Lutheran."
Werewolf was a short-lived attempt by Dell Comics to publish super-hero titles based on the Universal Pictures monsters. The other two were Dracula and Frankenstein.
Werewolf, also known as Arizona Werewolf, is a 1996 film that was lampooned in a 1998 episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000.
Werewolf was an American action-adventure television series, and one of the original shows in the Fox Network's broadcast line-up during its inaugural season of 1987-1988.
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When two guys hold down a chick, and a third guy bends down in tea bag position spreading his cheeks across her face. He then rips ass. Her face will then resemble a "Werewolf". - Adam S, Nevada
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