Definitions for "elves"
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an acronym for emissions of light and very low frequency perturbations due to electromagnetic pulse sources; extremely bright extremely short (less than a msec) electrical flashes forming a huge ring (up to 400 km diameter) in the ionosphere
One of the races in Kings of Chaos. Elves get a 25% covert bonus, making them extremely good spies.
One of the races in War Omen. Elves get a 25% covert bonus, making them extremely good spies.
Pertaining to elves; implike; mischievous; weird; also, vacant; absent in demeanor. See Elfish.
tall, sensual, beautiful beings
A mythical people that have a strong ability toward magic. Said to dwell in woodlands and to enjoy a lifespan of centuries. Depending on the legend Elves can be short pixie like creatures or a tall people of uncommon grace and power.
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Mysterious; also, foolish.
Humanoid beings that predate mankind. They are more intelligent and long-lived than humans, but they are a little more frail and not as strong.
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How the host of PBSs "Wall Street Week" refers to the shows ten technical...
A term the host uses to refer to guests on the PBS television show, "Wall Street Week", who are technical analysts attempting to predict the direction of stock prices over the next six months.
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Elves: types of very small Devas, Angels or Nature Spirits who work in the gardens.
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EM Emergency fund