Definitions for "Weird"
Fate; destiny; one of the Fates, or Norns; also, a prediction.
Of or pertaining to fate; concerned with destiny.
Of or pertaining to witchcraft; caused by, or suggesting, magical influence; supernatural; unearthly; wild; as, a weird appearance, look, sound, etc.
"Weird" is a pop rock song written and produced by Charlie Midnight, Marc Swersky and Ron Entwistle, and recorded for Hilary Duff's third album Hilary Duff (2004). It was released as a radio single in Spain in December 2004 (see 2004 in music); "Re: Hilary's New Single!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Official???".
strikingly odd or unusual; "some trick of the moonlight; some weird effect of shadow"- Bram Stoker
Weird is the first episode of the Serial Experiments Lain TV series originally aired 6 July 1998.
Keywords:  charm, spell
A spell or charm.