Definitions for "Blackberry"
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The fruit of several species of bramble (Rubus); also, the plant itself. Rubus fruticosus is the blackberry of England; Rubus villosus and Rubus Canadensis are the high blackberry and low blackberry of the United States. There are also other kinds.
A dark red to black soft fruit Rubus fruticosus which grows on long rambling canes in late summer. The berries consist of a large number of individual sacs of juice each containing a seed and all gathered in an elongated sphere. Available wild or cultivated they are used for pies, jam or stewed fruit, often teamed with apples (also called bramble).
large sweet black or very dark purple edible aggregate fruit of any of various bushes of the genus Rubus
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BlackBerry® is a PDA device exclusively available on the O2 network. It provides a host of features including email synchronisation, make and receive voice calls, Internet access, and the capability to read email attachments in various file formats.
A two-way wireless device developed by Research in Motion. It allows users to check e-mail and voice mail (translated into text) and to page other users via a wireless network service. The device has a miniature keyboard used to type messages, which are delivered using the Short Message Service (SMS) protocol. BlackBerry users must subscribe to a wireless service that allows for data transmission. See SMS.
Wireless handheld manufactured by Research In Motion.
a small bubble or blister in the flood coating of an aggregate-surfaced built-up roof membrane.
a small bubble or blister in the flood coating of a gravel-surfaced roof membrane.
a prestigious, fiddly, expensive gadget
Blackberry is a fictional character: a buck rabbit in Richard Adams' novel, Watership Down.
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Coffee Hazelnut Mango Raspberry
A common descriptor for the smell or taste in young Zinfandels.
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pick or gather blackberries; "The children went blackberrying"
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See Tar Boil.
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a precious thing
a great tool for retrieving data, not producing data
a key tool for those people who need to be contacted at all times of the day
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