Definitions for "Gadget"
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A specialized rod with a plunger activated spring clip on its end to grip the foot of newly made glass objects, while the worker finishes the piece. The replaces the pontil and avoid the mark a pontil would leave. When the work is finished, the glass can be remotely dropped into a bed of sand before annealing.
Spring-clip device used (from c 1860) for holding the foot of a drinking-glass while it was finished, so obviating the pontil mark
A tool for holding the foot of a glass, so a punty does not have to be used, speeding work. (GGW) a tube with three spring steel "fingers" that extend. May also be a special tool for a specific shape, as inside a production vase for footing (GGNJ)
a structure similar to a widget, but it is not associated with its own unique DECwindows window
a widget that relies on its parent for many of its attributes, thus saving memory resources
An alternative version of certain widgets derived from the Primitive class. Unlike widgets, gadgets do not require the internal creation of a window for each instance. Use of gadgets instead of widgets may or may not be advantageous, depending on your system.
"Gadget" was the name given to the first atomic bomb which was detonated at the Trinity Test Site outside Alamagordo, New Mexico on July 16, 1945. This plutonium implosion-type bomb was similar to the "Fat Man" bomb dropped on the Japanese city of Nagasaki. Photograph
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Gadget is a character from Konami's role playing games Suikoden II and Suikogaden vol. 2. It's successor Gadget Z appears in Suikoden III. This article deals with both characters.
Graphic control devices, such as the Back-to-Front, Close & Drag gadgets, which let the user control programs via the mouse.
a custom user interface object
A dialog control that presents application output in some form and provides a way for an application to receive administrator input.
a nite combinatorial structure which translates a given constraint of one optimization problem into a set of constraints of a second optimization problem
In computer science, gadgets are often used to construct reductions from one problem to another. Each element of the first problem is converted to a gadget built from elements of the second problem. For example, many reductions of 3-satisfiability to problems involving graphs use gadgets that represent variables and clauses of the 3-satisfiability instance; the gadgets themselves are "graph pieces" built from vertices and edges.
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a generic term for a link to different types of resources within MUSE
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Equipment (tack) that forces a horse to alter its movement and/or frame, usually used to force a horse to carry its head in a desired (low) position.
(slang) a convention designed to cover a specific bidding situation rather than an entire class of auctions.
a device that is very useful for a particular job
a device that has a useful specific purpose and function
an object or device of technology that is very useful for doing something
In the X Windows system, a component that does not require space on the display.