Definitions for "widGet"
widGet is a Windows GUI to wGet. Written in VB6, it is designed to offer COMPLETE interface to wGet , but with the firm intention to make it as much user-friendly as possible.
Widgets are buttons, drop-downs, input fields, etc. Needed for form elements.
Window gadget. The basic building block for a graphical user interface. A widget is a window with a particular appearance and behavior. See window.
Widget, the World Watcher is an animated television series which debuted in 1990.
Widget was a video game for the Nintendo Entertainment System created in 1992 by the company Atlus, it was based on the short lived cartoon Widget the World Watcher. It also had a sequel by the name of Super Widget on the Super NES.
Widget is an action-platforming video game created for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It was released in 1990, produced by Atlus and developed by Zodiac Entertainment. Based on the cartoon series Widget and the World Watcher, it stars a purple alien named Widget who has the unique ability to transform into other versions of himself, including a golem, a cannon, a bird and a speedy mouse.
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A widget is a small program run by the Mac OS X Dashboard or the Yahoo! Widget E...
This is probably a Yahoo! (formerly Konfabulator) Widget. It'll function a lot like an applet desktop accessory. It usually consists of a group of files zipped together. See also the similar wdgt extension.
An object on a Panther screen. Some widgets are used to interact with an application, while others are for display only.
a bundle of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
a combination of HTML, CSS and Javascript and can work elegantly with web services by using XMLHTTPRequest
an application that is created using a combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
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a chip wich reroutes the data and emulates a DV-in on some brands
an object in the sense auf OOP, wich holds data that is to be displayed, provides methods to set parameters of the display, knows about it's parent and children and completely takes care of how the display is realized
a single entry or display tool such as a dropdown box , entry text , or loaded image
an easy, visual way to link directly to the eSnips folders or files you want the visitors to your site or the readers of your blog to see
a piece of code you can place anywhere on your website, locally or remotely to your ModernBill system, and link any product to your order form
a piece of content or functionality provided by a third party that you can place in the siderail of your TypePad blog
Widget: A hypothetical product used to explain a more complex business concept....
A hypothetical product used to illustrate a business concept.
a hypothetical manufactured article but people still search for these
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"aggeggio, arnese"
Widget is a fictional character in the Marvel Universe. The character was later revealed to be Katherine "Kate" Pryde of the Days of Future Past timeline; an older, alternate version of Shadowcat.
a little application that runs in the background with very little system overhead
a little piece
a little player you can place on your website or your profile page for a number of social/community websites like Myspace, Friendster, Tagworld, and Xanga
is a device that is very useful for a particular job. Often used within a name of a fictitious company. WIP is an acronym for Work in Process/Progress. Usually refers to inventory that has value added from labor or additional processing. When considered for inventory value, the value of the raw material plus the value added component is accounted for in determining the value of that inventory at that point in the process.
a component or control that can be added to a screen
a visual part responsible for the visual representation of a VisualWorks component
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a capsule used in beer cans to release gas into the liquid, creating a foamy, carbonated drink
The "floating widget" found in cans of beer is a hollow sphere, 3 cm in diameter. The can is pressurised by adding liquid nitrogen, which vaporises and expands in volume after the can is sealed, forcing gas and beer into the widget's hollow interior through a tiny hole – the less beer the better for subsequent head quality. In addition some nitrogen dissolves in the beer which also contains dissolved carbon dioxide.
a meta-thing, used to stand for a real object in didactic examples (especially database tutorials)
an object that knows how to read its state from a Request object, how to validate itself, and can generate an XML representation of itself
an object you want to manipulate, such as a rectangle
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a thingamajig that does something-or-other
a useless program that just serves to eatup your memory but hides in the background so that you don't notice
a standard executable file that you can run on your computer alongside DesktopX, or even without running DesktopX
a Displayable that can accept properties
a likelihood, I suppose, but a standalone client is most certainly in order (and I think in this case, they need to support more than one platform)
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a lisp symbol which has a function binding
a specialized type of sprocket, specific for fields like strings, passwords, images, etc
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We call our page-building blocks modules. Some folks use the term widget.
a set of handles for control of spatial parameters
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an extension for the Mac OS X
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a small program that only works on Apple Computers
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a tiny and usually well-designed computer program
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a combination of state and procedure
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a group of screen structures (e