Definitions for "Task bar"
Keywords:  bar, button, bottom, tray, icons
The gray bar running across the bottom of the Windows screen; contains (from left): the Start button, the Quick Launch tray, the icons of any programs that are running in the background, the icons of programs that start automatically such as virus checking, and the time.
By default Microsoft Windows' task bar is at the lower edge of the desktop and contains (on the left) the "Start" button used to access programs and settings. On the right side you will find the clock and icons of active programs. Among these icons might be the volume control of your sound card or, for instance, the virus guard of AVK. You can adjust the settings by left- or right-clicking the icons.
Touch sensitive toolbar for launching applications. In the series 5, this term is used to refer to the lower off-screen area from which applications are launched. See also: toolbar  side bar
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