Definitions for "Scroll Bar"
Keywords:  arrow, drag, bar, slider, mouse
Horizontal or vertical bars that allow a user to scroll the contents of a window either left to right or up and down, using the mouse. Use the scroll bars by clicking on the up or down arrows or by clicking any spot on the bar.
The grey bars at the side of some windows. The view of the window can be moved by clicking on the box in it, the arrows at the end, on the grey scrolling area.
n. A window component that shows a user that more information is available in a particular direction and can be scrolled into view. Scroll bars can be either horizontal or vertical.
a much more intuitive navigation mechanism
a complex control because it contains sub-controls that the user can click
a good example because it is controlled by changing its representation
a control associated with an area that is too large to be completely displayed
a graphical device you use to select or indicate a position when there is too much information to display in the space available
Keywords:  interface, agent, element, user, part
a user-interface element that is part of the user agent