Definitions for "Drop-down menu"
Keywords:  menu, mouse, arrow, drag, bar
In an online form, a drop-down menu (also known as a pull-down menu) looks like the following: Make a Selection: Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Dynamic content ~ Website content that is database driven and can easily be changed by changing your web settings. Many of the most often used Dynamic software programs end with extensions of .cfm / .asp / .cgi / .shtml.
A menu of available options provided by an application when, using the mouse (or often the ALT key with the navigation keys), you click on the menus title (usually found on the top border of an applications window) Also a method of selecting options on a web page or a web form. In a word-processor, for example, clicking on the 'File' on the menu bar will provide a drop-down menu offering a selection of functions that might be carried out on the file presently open. In a web page, you might come across a drop-down menu offering a list of links off that page, or offering a selection of data to input into a form (destinations on a flight-booking page, for example.)
A list of the images in your virtual tour that typically appears directly above the images. To switch between images, just drag your mouse down the list and click when the image you want is highlighted.
an example of using scripting with the DOM to manipulate the visible state of a DIV element