Definitions for "Drop down menu"
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A menu at the top of several software programs, which has a visible title and contents that are shown only when you left click the title.
An element on a Web page. A drop down menu displays options from which you can make a choice. You can select a choice by clicking on one of the options displayed in the drop down menu. Drop down menus are usually activated by clicking on a downward pointing arrow. In the example of a drop down menu below you could select either "Default", "Medici", "SRIS" or "Object only".
Information, on a Web site or Web page that changes often, usually daily or each time a user reloads or returns to the page. It is also content that is structured based on user input. For example, when you search with keywords on a search engine, the results you get are on a "dynamic" page, based on the words you typed into a form on the previous page. Dynamic Web sites are usually driven by Web application environments, such as active server pages or CFML, and the content is taken from a database each time a page request is made. [Go Back
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a popular way to cram a lot of links into a small space