Definitions for "Drag-and-drop"
Keywords:  mouse, ctrl, shortcut, drop, icon
Drag-and-drop is clicking the mouse button and holding it on a selected item, then dragging the item to a new location and releasing the mouse button.
A technique for moving or copying data between applications, between windows within an application, or within a single window in an application. The user selects the data to be transferred and drags the data to the desired destination.
Technique of moving cells and their contents. Consists of selecting cells, positioning the arrowhead on the cell selection, pressing and holding the mouse button, moving the mouse, and releasing the mouse button. Thus the cell is "dropped" at a new location, either on top of existing cells, or between cells or rows, or beyond the end of a row.
Keywords:  dram, dsl, random, subscriber, dynamic
DRAM (dynamic random access memory) DSL (digital subscriber line)