Definitions for "Mouseover"
Positioning your cursor (via your computer's mouse) over an item to see additional information that will appear at that point of “contact.
Javascript code which, when inserted into a hyperlink, allows you to control what's displayed in the bottom bar of a browser when the surfer's "mouse is over" the link. This is commonly used to show the URL of a sponsor paysite you're linking to so that the surfer knows where they're going, but removes your referral code so they see "" instead of "" or something like it. This can make some surfers a little more comfortable clicking on a link since there's not a big string of code, and every little bit helps. Almost all Link Lists and TGPs allow the use of mouseovers to hide your referral codes, as long as you still show the surfer the URL of the name of the site you're sending them to.
A JavaScript element or function which triggers a change on an item (usually a graphic or menu) in a web page when the mouse passes over it. Mouseovers are widely used in Navigation Bars, pop-up boxes, and form submissions.
Synonymous with rollOver.
Another word for a " rollover."