Definitions for "Strawberry"
A fragrant edible berry, of a delicious taste and commonly of a red color, the fruit of a plant of the genus Fragaria, of which there are many varieties. Also, the plant bearing the fruit. The common American strawberry is Fragaria virginiana; the European, F. vesca. There are also other less common species.
The juicy, usually red, fruit of certain plants in the rose family.
sweet fleshy red fruit
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Tones oily skin; anti-blemish
'ÅŒhelo The extract from strawberries helps to tone your skin and help to diminish the appearance of your pores. It is rich and nourishing and will help your skin stay moisturized all day.
A Strawberry foretells of pleasure and tantalising changes in your life.
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See: Bruise.
Leaf type. Describes an African Violet leaf which has a shiny, stippled surface, giving it a texture similar to that of a strawberry.
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CUT (or STRAWBERRY-DIAMOND CUT) term for a set of grid cuts made in a paperweight's base.
a small bubble or blister in the flood coating of gravel surfaced roof membrane.
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See Tar Boil.