Definitions for "Pome"
Keywords:  fleshy, pear, quince, papery, apple
A fruit composed of several cartilaginous or bony carpels inclosed in an adherent fleshy mass, which is partly receptacle and partly calyx, as an apple, quince, or pear.
a fleshy fruit where the succulent tissues are developed from the
Type of fruit in which the portions produced by the pericarp are enclosed within fleshy parts that are derived from parts of the flower other than the ovary. An apple is a pome.
Keywords:  hydathode, stoma, poppy, pore, diagram
Poppy Populations Pore The pore is the opening in something. In the stoma it is the opening that is bordered by the guard cells. In the bordered pi t, it is the opening in the border that lets the water through. DIAGRAM: Hydathode PHOTO
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A ball of silver or other metal, which is filled with hot water, and used by the priest in cold weather to warm his hands during the service.
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To grow to a head, or form a head in growing.