Definitions for "duplication"
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The act of duplicating, or the state of being duplicated; a doubling; a folding over; a fold.
(genetic) • A mutation resulting from the introduction into the genome of an extra copy of a segment of a gene or chromosome. (Contrast with deletion, point mutation.)
The presence or the creation of two copies of a DNA segment in the genome.
The exact reproduction of original media - normally referring to the production of discs in smaller quantities
refers to the burning of recordable media with a CD or DVD burner or recorder which burns the data on to an existing recordable disc. Recordable media tends to be used for short runs as the cost of the media itself adds to the project cost. Recordables can be silk-screened or printed with a desktop printer. They cannot be offset printed due to the pressure offset printing exerts on the discs which results in the recordable substrate getting damaged.
the number/percentage of readers that two or more magazines have in common.
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When a player's rack contains more than one of any given letter. Racks that contain Duplication are generally less Bingo Prone. See Bingo-Prone Tiles.
When a rack has more than one of a given letter. Better players strive to avoid duplication because, in general, there are fewer choices for good plays when duplication exists.
A position in which two or more of the opponent's good moves both use the same number. For example, when the opponent needs the same number to hit either of two blots, that number is said to be duplicated. All else being equal, a position which duplicates the opponent's good numbers is better than one which does not because it means the opponent has fewer good rolls in total.
Français : Doublage Deutsch : Doppelwagen The assignment of two standard size buses to the same line or run, for example to replace a high capacity bus (double deck, articulated).
The airing of the same programs in close succession by two or more pay cable services in the same market.
Two or more identical observations, i.e. combinations of target and observing parameters.
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A facsimile of an original, see dupe.
Competing products may cannibalize each other, or competing improvement projects may claim the same benefits.
Refers to affiliates in your organization "duplicating" your actions, such as sponsoring new affiliates, mentoring prospective leaders, etc. If you can achieve a high degree of "duplication" in your organization, you can "be in a hundred places at one time" and able to grow your business rapidly through the efforts of others.
The act or process of dividing by natural growth or spontaneous action; as, the duplication of cartilage cells.
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a complex process occurring not in a clean room but in a chemical factory that is the body
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Early detection
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A position in which the same number can be used in more than one way.