Definitions for "Improvement"
The act of improving; advancement or growth; promotion in desirable qualities; progress toward what is better; melioration; as, the improvement of the mind, of land, roads, etc.
The state of being improved; betterment; advance; also, that which is improved; as, the new edition is an improvement on the old.
Increase; growth; progress; advance.
A useful addition to, or modification of, a machine, manufacture, or composition.
See Capital Addition
Man-made addition to real property.
The act of making profitable use or applicaton of anything, or the state of being profitably employed; a turning to good account; practical application, as of a doctrine, principle, or theory, stated in a discourse.
An increase in quality, functionality, value, or shorter delivery, etc. [D02830] RMW
the act of improving something; "their improvements increased the value of the property"
A focus on sustaining and renewing the development of individuals and the organization (with a time horizon from months to decades) that requires a need for experimentation and innovation with results that are difficult to quantify. Usually it entails long-term, complex outcomes.
A (potential) improvement from future X for a group of parties G is a distinct future Y that is (a) reachable from X by G and (b) potentially preferred to X by G. Doubts are created by perceived improvements from a position or a threatened future.
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a picture of the pastor and his wife (or vice-versa), which conveys co-ministry
An activity undertaken based on strategic objectives such as reduced cycle time, reduced cost, and customer satisfaction. This includes improvements directly in mission activities (production, design, testing etc.) and/or in support activities for the mission.
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a thing intended to be constructed, erected, built, placed, altered, repaired, improved, added to, dug or drilled
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Characters can improve some traits and abilities by spending advancement picks to acquire them more than once. Unless the description of a trait or ability specifically says it can be improved, your character can acquire it only once.
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This term is used if a tumor shrinks following therapy but is still more than one-half of its original size.
a condition superior to an earlier condition; "the new school represents a great improvement"
a function or an operational process that is not available in SPRING yet, but whose inclusion is desirable
The positive effect of a process change effort.
Change in behavior occurring between an initial and a final testing period
EXPENDITURE directed to a particular ASSET to improve its performance or useful life.
a permanent enhancement of one of your characteristics
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See Capital Improvement