Definitions for "Right-of-Way"
Real property rights (whether by fee simple ownership, by easement or by other agreement) acquired across land for a purpose (i.e., transit facilities, roadways, sidewalks and utilities).
The composite total requirement of all real estate acquisitions and easements, both temporary and permanent, needed to construct, maintain, protect, and operate a transportation system.
A permit or easement that authorizes the use of lands for specified purposes, such as for an access road, public-use facilities, or utility lines.
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A right-of-way boat has precedence over others on conflicting courses and has the right to maintain its course. Usually a boat on starboard tack has right of way over a boat on port tack.
A rule established to eliminate virtually simultaneous attacks between two fencers in foil or sabre by allowing a referee to determine who was on offence at that moment and had "right of way" to score a point.
The convention in Foil and Saber fencing which precludes the causing of a double touch.
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an appurtenance
In this context usually refers to a municipalities control of the overhead and underground channels through which utilities may run their cables in exchange for franchise fees. The final basis for municipal regulation and taxation of these utilities. This authority may not be used to maintain monopolies or otherwise discourage competition.
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a special park use allowing a utility to pass over, under, or through NPS property
The right to use or cross over the property of another.
Permission to pass across the property of another
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That driving law you may need to ignore to get to a tournament on time
Refers to the acquisition of any areas owned by anyone other than the sponsor and which may be affected by the project’s construction.
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See Regulation.