Burdens one parcel of land (servient estate) for the benefit of another parcel (dominant estate).
Easement created for benefit of a parcel of land. Such an easement is attached to the land.
a type of easement which is designed exclusively to benefit a specific property.This type of easement will generally transfer along with the transfer of title of property.Often, this type of easement is meant to help provide access to specific land.For example, this type of easement may give rights to cross a specific parcel of land in order to allow access to another property.The property over which this right is granted is referred to as the servient estate while the property granted the right is called the dominant estate.Related terms: PERTAINING EASEMENT.
An easement which is attached to, accompanies, and passes with a greater interest; it has no existence apart from the superior interest. Also called PERTAINING EASEMENT.