Definitions for "Common property"
Usually found in apartments or units. Land which is owned by the tenants rather than individuals.
an area used by all, not one person. Owned by the tenants in common.
property that belongs to all the strata unit owners — for example, the building envelope
Assets a husband and wife acquire by joint effort during marriage if they live in one of the eight community property states. (Wisconsin also has a similar law, but does not use the term "community property".) Each spouse owns half of the assets in the event of divorce or death.
The Scottish equivalent of tenancy in common, where each person's share in the property is clearly defined. On death the assets pass to the estate not the other parties.
In Scots law, property held by two or more persons, with each person's share of it specifically defined. The Scottish equivalent of tenancy in common. On death of one person, the assets pass to the estate, not the other parties.
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(i) Land or a tract of land considered as the property of the public in which all persons enjoy equal rights. A property not owned by individuals by groups. (ii) In a home (villa) unit or flat development that part of the property owned and used in common by all the unit or flat owners or occupiers and which is maintained by the Body Corporate.
In a condominium plan, this term refers to the part of the land or common lands included in the plan that is not included in any unit.
As the words imply the land and buildings etc that are not individually owned.
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right of ownership of more than one person over the same thing. Where there is dispute, the common property can be sold and proceeds of sale divided