Definitions for "condo"
one of the units in a condominium.
May offer daily rates, weekly rates, monthly rates. Guests units usually consists a bedroom, living room and kitchen. Usually kitchen are separate from bedrooms, all equipped with stove, oven or microwave, refrigerator, cooking utensils and table settings for the maximum number of people occupying the unit. Basic housekeeping supplies may be available, but daily housekeeping mat not be offered. Some recreational facilities may be offered such as swimming pool, exercise room …etc. Ample parking provided.
type of real estate ownership where the owner has title to a specific unit and shared interest in common areas.
See Space Condominium
a great choice as you have more space and can make quick meals and store snacks
a great choice for someone who wants the space and independence of your own place without the seclusion of neighbours
short form for condominium, a separately owned apartment
An apartment, often with community amenities, e.g. a swimming pool.
an apartment in a block of flats, each one owned by a different owner
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an easy stroll from shops and restaurants
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a viable option for anyone who
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a true piece of worth if it is in chicagos suburbs
a fantastic opportunity for the individual or couple in search of the perfect investment
a wise investment versus not buying any property and continuing to rent
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an easier style of living," he said
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a full home, located in a building
a natural first home for such buyers
a natural first home for them
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Abbreviation for condominium
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an economical way to travel
a form of ownership that allows for ownership in a shared environment
A Condominium; a type of home ownership