Definitions for "Property type"
The type of a property. A property type is specified by a property selector.
The Triangle MLS defines six principle types of real estate: Residential: Single family detached, cluster, condo, townhouse. Multi-Family: Apartments, duplex, triplex, quad. Land: undeveloped, vacant lot, farmland, mobile home park, etc. Commercial Improved: Office, Business/Flex, Retail, Industrial, etc. Commercial Unimproved: Land zoned for commercial uses. Rental: Residential/Multi-Family available for rent.
A description of property, which classifies it according to the number of living units and type of structure (example: townhouse, condominium, single family dwelling, multi-family dwelling, etc).
a grouping of properties defined by common physical and associative attributes.
a grouping of individual properties based on shared physical or associative characteristics
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a group of individual historic properties (e
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Refers to use of the property, number of units, and zoning.
Property use