Definitions for "Villa"
A country seat; a country or suburban residence of some pretensions to elegance.
A Roman country house, often decorated with mosaics and wall paintings. Villas were usually part of an agricultural estate.
A Roman style house in the countryside, often the centre of a large agricultural estate.
an attached dwelling, one storey in height.
Single-storey dwelling usually registered under strata or community title.
An attached dwelling, usually single storey.
a free-standing private home that is made available for rent to vacation travellers
a particular good low price alps farmhouse holidays venue
a private, relaxing place to spend your holiday far better than any hotel room
the largest of the Hispanic municipalities in New Mexico; the four villas were Santa Fe, Santa Cruz de la CaƱada, Albuquerque, and El Paso del Norte.
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a se Etage, niveau Floor, level
Mexican revolutionary leader (1877-1923)
a choice for those seeking tranquillity and independence
a recently built construction in typical alpine style and is ideal for small family groups
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villa, park