Definitions for "Alpine"
Of or pertaining to the Alps, or to any lofty mountain; as, Alpine snows; Alpine plants.
Like the Alps; lofty.
the region of a mountain above the tree line
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All competitive events whose basic element is down, for example: downhill, slalom, giant slalom.
(Jargon Rating= 2) Relating to the alps, a term for downhill skiing.
ordinary downhill skiing
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Plants originating from the Alps. Informally it refers to rock garden plants, dwarf shrubs and conifers.
A low, cypress like conifer adapted to living on snow and ice fields. Alpines are resinous and burn with a fierce heat. The bluish berries are edible, and the main food source for many animals.
relating to or characteristic of alps; "alpine sports"
Sport hat of soft felt or tweed. The crown slants upward to a lengthwise crease. The narrow brim is rolled up at the back and turned down in front . Brush or feather trim in the headband. Adapted from hats worn by people in the Swiss Alps. Also TYROLEAN HAT.
Alpine Station is an Amtrak station in Alpine, Texas on the Sunset Limited and Texas Eagle routes. It is not staffed, but it does have partial wheelchair accessibility, an enclosed waiting area, public payphones, and free parking.
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Also known as the French Alpine, these goats have erect ears and come in many different color patterns. They originated in the Alps and were brought to the United States in 1920. Alpines are very popular with commercial goat dairies because they are considered high volume milkers. According to the USDA, Alpines have the highest annual average milk production of any of the dairy breeds. La Mancha buck
All about laying down clean carves on groomed slopes. Riders spend most of their time riding groomed runs. Alpine boards usually have a round, low profile tip and a square tail.
(aka free carving): Fast, carving freeriding with stiff, sturdy equipment.
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Alternate Angiosperm
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a decent price, but the Nakamichi is less flash
relating to the Alps and their inhabitants; "Alpine countries, Switzerland, Italy, France, and Germany"