Definitions for "Freeholder"
a legislator on the county level
an elected, part-time legislator at the county level of government
Elected from the pool of Greater Landowners, the Freeholder acts as the chief administrator, head diplomat, and commander of the Free Captains of Battles of the Yeomanry.
Someone who holds the freehold of a property.
One who has a freehold estate, by holding the land by fee simple, which is to hold a piece of property outright with no other claims on it. In colonial times, a freeholder had the right to vote and hold public office.
an owner of land
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The possessor of a freehold.
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tenants who paid a money rent to the lord of the manor
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Owner of the freehold on the property.
Owner of a freehold interest.
The owner of a freehold estate (one that has no debt attached to it).
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She who has a freehold interest in a property.