Definitions for "curbside"
the edge of a sidewalk that borders a curb; as, policemen stood at intervals along the curbside
noun Sliding along a curb (usually a waxed one) with skates perpendicular to edge.
the side of a sidewalk that is bordered by a curb; "policemen stood at intervals along the curbside"
Keywords:  hood, chassis, kit, trunk, promotional
A curbside model is one that does not include some detail, such as an opening hood with engine. In most cases curbside models do have some basic chassis detailing.
A name given to a model kit or promotional model with limited details or features. That is, it has no opening hood, doors or trunk.
asking another physician/specialist their opinion on a patient's care or treatment without requesting a formal consult. Usually happens when you're pretty sure about the course you'd like to take, and just want to double-check it with someone more knowledgable.