Definitions for "outright"
An "outright (forward)" is the purchase or sale of foreign currency for delivery at any forward date beyond the spot value date.
foreign exchange) A forward purchase or sale of foreign exchange and forward resale of the same currency against domestic currency.
A forward purchase or sale of foreign exchange which is not offset by a corresponding spot transaction.
Downright; plain; unqualified; utter; straight-out; as, an outright lie.
Keywords:  utterly, completely
Completely; utterly.
Keywords:  delay, killed, immediately, once
Immediately; without delay; at once; as, he was killed outright.
without any delay; "he was killed outright"
Keywords:  win, tournament, come, first, price
Outright prices are those offered to win or come first in a given event
The price to come first in a Tournament, as opposed to winning a place.
without reservation or exception
without reservation or concealment; "she asked him outright for a divorce"
without restrictions or stipulations or further payments; "buy outright"
An order to buy or sell only one specific type of futures contract; an order that is not a spread order.