Definitions for "Foil"
The space between the cusps in Gothic architecture; a rounded or leaflike ornament, in windows, niches, etc. A group of foils is called trefoil, quatrefoil, quinquefoil, etc., according to the number of arcs of which it is composed.
In Gothic window tracery, the small arc openings separated by cusps. The number of foils is described as trefoil (3), quatrefoil (4), and cinquefoil (5).
A lobe or leaf-shaped curve formed by the cusping of a circle or an arch. The number of foils involved is indicated by a prefix, e.g. trefoil, quatrefoil, multifoil Illustration from Asbury Delaware Ave.
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To blunt; to dull; to spoil; as, to foil the scent in chase.
A blunt weapon used in fencing, resembling a smallsword in the main, but usually lighter and having a button at the point.
A "point weapon." Hits or touches can only be scored with the point of the weapon. Originally developed as a practice weapon. Valid hits can only be scored on the torso."
A leaf or very thin sheet of metal; as, brass foil; tin foil; gold foil.
A thin leaf of sheet copper silvered and burnished, and afterwards coated with transparent colors mixed with isinglass; -- employed by jewelers to give color or brilliancy to pastes and inferior stones.
A thin coat of tin, with quicksilver, laid on the back of a looking-glass, to cause reflection.
Anything that serves by contrast of color or quality to adorn or set off another thing to advantage.
a type of character who sets off or highlights aspects of the protagonist in a play; usually has the opposite traits of the protagonist
one character that serves as a contrast to another.
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A technique for distributing two binomials. The letters FOIL stand for irst, uter, nner, ast. First means multiply the terms which occur first in each binomial, Outer means multiply the outermost terms in the product, Inner means multiply the innermost terms, and Last means multiply the terms which occur last in each binomial.
FOIL is an acronym that stands for irst, uter, nner, ast. It refers to a method of multiplying two binomials, like (ax + b)( cx + d). To multiply, you must multiply each term out, including the first terms (ax times cx), the inner terms (b times cx), the outer terms (ax times d), and the last terms (b times d). For example, (2x + 3)( 4x + 5) = 8x2 + 10x + 12x + 15 = 8x2 + 22x + 15.
To render (an effort or attempt) vain or nugatory; to baffle; to outwit; to balk; to frustrate; to defeat.
Failure of success when on the point of attainment; defeat; frustration; miscarriage.
hinder or prevent (the efforts, plans, or desires) of; "What ultimately frustrated every challenger was Ruth's amazing September surge"; "foil your opponent"
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The track or trail of an animal.
A smell that obliterates or disguises a fox's scent trail.
Any odour which tends to obliterate that of the hunted fox; if a fox doubles back on his tracks he is said to be 'running his foil'.
a flexible rectangular blade a tad under three feet long that weighs less than one pound
A rolled product rectangular in cross section of thickness less than 0.006 inch. In Europe, foil is equal to and less than 0.20 mm.
Foil a grunge rock group from the Seattle, Washington area c.1990-1998 featuring Steve Wied, formerly of Tad, Skin Yard, Willard and Daddy Hate Box on vocals and drums.
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A type of kite. Usually foils are two-skin kites held in shape by a bridle with air vents on the leading edge. As the air passes into the kite, the kite fills with air and expands to its full shape. Much like a flying air mattress, though mattresses would be more comfy than taking a nap on your kite.
a type of kite which is made up of cells which fill with air
a device consisting of a flat or curved piece (as a metal plate) so that its surface reacts to the water it is passing through; "the fins of a fish act as hydrofoils"
1) The rate of change of thickness from nose to tail of a surfboard. 2) The rate of change of thickness of a surfboard fin from its front to its back edge. * see illustration
The transverse sectional shape of a fin.
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See "Freedom of Information Law"
Freedom of Information Law. the New York State law that outlines the rights of the public to access public records
Freedom of Information Law. As a public agency, NYSCA is subject to New York State's Freedom of Information Law (FOIL). Information concerning the NYSCA grant process (with some exceptions, such as salary information) is subject to public view.
A foil attached to a plastic film, can be applied to a tacky surface such as tapes, glues and leaves a shiny, foil finish to your project.
Foil is the laminated coating sometimes used for cabinet doors. The foil is a plastic material made from PVC (PolyVinyl Chloride) which is then heat pressed on to the door. It can be pre-printed with any colour or pattern and provides a choice of finishes. As it is man made, it offers a consistent finish. back
A 4 or 5 layer lamination that provides superior moisture and oxygen barrier properties (Barriaâ„¢ P/Foil and Barriaâ„¢ A/Foil).
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Face arial sans-serif a href http www incolsa net foil Friends Of Indiana Libraries
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Lifting surface designed to support all or part of the weight of a waterborne craft at an appropriate forward speed.
A winglike surface below the hull that, when moved through water, lifts the hull out of the water, allowing greater speeds.
A foil is a surface designed to maximize lift (force generated perpendicular to the fluid flow) while minimizing drag (force generated in the direction of the fluid flow) in a given range of conditions. Foils may be designed to operate in any fluid, such as air or water.
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An attachment on the forestay, comprising a groove into which the luff of the jib can be fed.
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To tread under foot; to trample.
Transparent or translucent beads in which silver or gold foil has been trapped within the body or on the surface of the bead.
picture consisting of a positive photograph or drawing on a transparent base; viewed with a projector
A polyester film that carries a ‘dry’ pigment that is transferred to paper by heat and pressure. Commonly used in hot stamping processes, gold and silver foils were actually finely beaten and drawn gold or silver strips for stamping onto leather.
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To defile; to soil.
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Same as Capsule.
Using a heat process coloured foil can be applied to the surface of the paper just like ink
term used to describe finished and topcoated papers.
Part of a primer. See also Disc, Paper.
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cover or back with foil; "foil mirrors"
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What you are trying to do to your opponent
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See conductive foil.
FOIL was the name for two different programming languages.