Definitions for "CUSPS"
Pertaining to the high points on the biting or chewing surfaces of the canines, premolars or molars.
the high points on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth.
the peaks on the chewing surface of the back teeth.
(of the magnetosphere)——two regions of weak magnetic field, on the sunward boundary of the magnetosphere, one on each side of the equator. They separate magnetic field lines closing on the front from those swept into the Earth's magnetotail.
The sharp points of the tooth crown.
one of the protuberances on or near the masticating surface of a tooth (Morris 1992).
Keywords:  leaflets, valves, flaps, heart, tissue
Flaps of tissue that make up the valves of the heart.
Segments of tissue which make up the flexible portion of heart valves, also called leaflets. The cusps open and close to control the direction of blood flow through the heart.