Definitions for "FLAPS"
One or more illustrated papers glued at one point. Lifting a flap exposes the illustration directly beneath it. (see Lift-the-flap)
Parts of the wings that can be extended to help slow the plane for landing and increase lift at low speeds. Full flaps are typically used for landing, and partial flaps may also be used for takeoff.
Movable parts of the trailing edge of a wing that are used to increase lift (and drag) at slower air speeds. When a plane lands, the flaps are extended to increase lift and drag, to fly at a slower speed. Flaps increase lift by changing the shape of the airfoil.
Air deflectors which are part of the thermostat system. These are located at the base of the fan shroud and are actuated by the thermostat bellows /check rod. When the engine is cold, the flaps are closed reducing the amount of cooling air that reaches the cylinders and heads. As the engine warms up, the bellows expand causing the check rod to open the flaps and allowing a full amount of cooling air to blow across the cylinders and heads. These are often removed.
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The labia minora: see also 'pissflaps'
The part of the shipping container that is folding on top and bottom creased by scores. Flaps are then usually closed with tape, glue or metal staples.
the parts of the dust jacket that fold in over the pastedowns.
The closing members of a fibreboard box.
Extensions of the side walls that close a box.
The side wall extensions that close a box.
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Food Label and Package Survey
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see Elevators