Definitions for "trailing"
Prostrate or not rooting.
an uncommon method of saluting using a flag on a pole. The flag is lowered until it just touches the ground for a few seconds, then raised smartly back up the pole. Practiced in some monarchies as a salute to a royal member.
prostrate and not rooting
A decoration technique in which tubes are used to dribble lines or dots of colored slip on a vessel surface.
a decoration technique in which lines or dots of coloured slip are dribbled on the surface of a clay body.
A method of decorating with engobe or glaze squeezed out of a bulb from a small orifice or poured from a narrow lip.
Controlled directional movement of livestock. (2) Natural trailing is the habit of livestock or wildlife repeatedly treading in the same line or path.
Growth habit. Describes an African Violet which has more than one crown. Also see Trailer. Contrast with Rosette.
Trailing is a term used to describe the practice of writing poetry, where one person begins a poem and another person writes the second line, a third person the third, and so on. It is thought to have originated in the French Enlightenment when intellectuals used to trail for amusement at parties. It has largely been lost as a practice, although there are still groups that promote modern day trailing in various clubs and on a number of internet sites.
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means contacting the jack with sufficient momentum so as to move it and follow it to the new position.
Refers to a poorly mastered disc in which moving objects on screen are followed by a "trail" of subsequent images. Extra: As stated, this is a problem which is not inherent to DVD, and is avoidable by careful encoding. However, some DVD's aren't supervised properly in their production, and are released with this very noticeable encoding error. A Hero Never Dies is particularly guilty of this.
The dog follows a scent trail rather than the usual route determined by the fall of a mark or the route to a blind.
the pursuit (of a person or animal) by following tracks or marks they left behind
having the lower score or lagging position in a contest; "behind by two points"; "the 8th inning found the home team trailing"
running behind another player.
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running along the soil or leaf litter surface.
Undertaking further assessment in a failed module or modules while simultaneously progressing to the next stage of the programme of study.
In the case of time periods, the most recently completed time period. For example,...
in time periods, is the most recently completed time period. For example, trailing twelve months would be the twelve-month period which ended on the final day of the last month.
a. & vb. n. from Trail.