Definitions for "Cutlass "
Keywords:  sword, curved, blade, weapon, scimitar
A short, heavy, curving sword, used in the navy. See Curtal ax.
This is a short, curved, thick sword and was the favorite weapon of most buccaneers.
A curved blade sword sharp on one edge with a strong cover for the hand used on naval vessels in the 18th and 19th Centuries.
Keywords:  voip, gtk, osx, cocoa, conscious
Cutlass is a cross-platform system for secure peer to peer communication, oriented towards small groups. It provides VoIP, IM and file transfer. A major design goal is to be easy to use, even by non-security conscious users.
Cutlass is C/C++ P2P application for secure chat, file transfer, and VoIP. It GUI's for Linux/GTK+, Windows/Win32, and Apple's OSX/Cocoa.