Definitions for "Bolo"
A kind of large knife resembling a machete.
The word is Spanish but means a jungle knife used in the Philippines. Also refers to the blade design which has been reproduced somewhat by companies such as Junglee.
long heavy knife with a single edge; of Philippine origin
Bolo is a video game originally developed for the Apple II computer by Synergistic Software in 1982. An update inspired by the original was created for the BBC Micro computer by Stuart Cheshire in 1987, and later ported to the Macintosh in its most popular incarnation. The original Bolo was a single-player game.
Bolo is a computer game for the Atari ST, using the high resolution monochrome monitor. It builds on the concept of classic Breakout games, but introduces numerous additions such as gravity, exploding bricks, tunnelling, etc. to make the game more interesting and challenging. Written in the late 1980s by Meinolf Schneider, better remembered for his Oxyd games, Bolo was quite popular with Atari ST users at least in Germany at the time.
(boh'loh). . the fundamental building block of all Malbraithian thought and action, and the profound and underlying force behind the philosophy of the Malbraith Group; a strong and influential energy manifested in both conventional ( white bolo) and subversive ( black bolo) forms. . to subject an individual, conventionally or subversively, to the Malbraithian philosophy, or to any of the myriad elements which constitute that philosophy.
a cord fastened around the neck with an ornamental clasp and worn as a necktie
NONLETHAL WEAPON consisting of a shotgun round holding three rubber projectiles connected by 5.5 foot high-strength cords. The bolo is designed for use against fleeing target individuals, where a target hit by any of the balls will cause the other balls to wrap the cord around the legs of the individual.
A braided leather loop worn about the neck and adorned with a slide, (an ornament of silver, stone or other material fastened so that it slides up under the chin), leaving the two leather ends hanging.
the imperative form of "to chant" or "to say." (Bengali).
Speak, say "Bole the Bat" speak the language, used in Mesopotamia.
a Hispanic breed of gamefowl, this breed has no tail whatsoever. It is a natural characteristic, and fowls are born tail-less.
a weighted pouch, which is connected to a slender line, which when slung underhand or overhead may be thrown to another vessel.
Burnt-out-left-over an expeditioner who has been in the Antarctic for too long. Aus.
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he ookout. Not really used anymore, except in episodes of The West Wing.