Definitions for "Schneider"
Schneider is the brand beer produced by the Compañia de Cervercerias Unidas Argentina (Company of United Beer Producers in Spanish). The CCUA is as of 2006, the 3rd largest producer of beer in Argentina. It controls around 16% of the beer market in the country, and is the official importer of foreign brands Heineken and Budweiser in Argentina.
a dissertator in the Department of English and is a PFF veteran
German company, which sold the Amstrad CPCs under its label in Germany.
Schneider is a German word that in the card game Sheepshead refers to a card point total, half of what is needed to win, that players aim for.
Conrad Viktor. 1610-1680 Wittenberg physician; discovered location of olfactory nerve endings (1655); membrane of S. (Schneiderian membrane) = nasal mucous membrane = nasal mucosa.
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a JTA correspondent in South Africa
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zero. "Getting off the sneider" or "schneid" is to score one's first points. Finally.