Definitions for "Fuller"
Keywords:  groove, sword, lighten, blade, dagger
A die; a half-round set hammer, used for forming grooves and spreading iron; -- called also a creaser.
To form a groove or channel in, by a fuller or set hammer; as, to fuller a bayonet.
A groove in a sword blade that reduces its weight.
One whose occupation is to full cloth.
a workman who fulls (cleans and thickens) freshly woven cloth for a living
Person who cleanses, thickens, and fulls cloth. To full cloth means to make it fuller by pleating or gathering
any of a number of a tools with a rounded ridge on the working end that is used for isolating mass or chasing a surface
A tool used in hand forging to smooth rough surfaces or to make offsets.
A fuller is a hand held form tool usually with a wooden handle, but often an air cooled wire handle. It resembles a hammer but is not used for striking but is struck by an appropriate sledge hammer to impart its shape to the workpiece.
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a term usually given to generic diku style clerics who have the ability to 'fully heal' the tank,' Rufus says
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