Definitions for "Katana"
Keywords:  sword, samurai, tachi, blade, worn
The general term for a long sword (over two feet) worn cutting edge up through the sash.
Long sword; Daito. Evolved from the Tachi for foot & close-quarters combat.
36" bladed sword
Keywords:  weapon, mugen, xtreme, budo, jitsu
a battlefield weapon that was adapted for dueling, while a rapier is first and foremost a dueling weapon (I don't know of any instances of it being used on a battlefield)
a cutting weapon
an excellent weapon for close combat
Katana is a DC Comics fictional character, a superhero. She first appeared in the The Brave and the Bold #200, and became a longterm member of the Outsiders.
Katana is the name given to a Ricoh photocopier. It is the high volume machine and is able to copy at speeds of up to 135 pages per minute. The slowest Katana copier can copy at 90 copies per minute.
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a Brutal instrument