Definitions for "TAD"
Answering machine (telephones answering device).
( elephone nswering evice) - Another term that describes an answering machine. A TAD may be tape-driven or, more commonly, driven by a digital chip.
Typical Answering Device.
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Thermactor Air Diverter Valve (Ford)
Through Air Drying
Acronym for Through Air Dried, which is a special tissue papermaking technology that produces desirable lower density for the same strength, resulting in better bulk, absorptive capacity,and softness for the same amount of fiber ( basis weight). The TAD fabric that carries the paper through this part of the paper machine leaves a characteristic impression in the tissue paper that looks like very fine and very faint embossing (see micro embossing). , which comes from the TAD fabric that carries the paper through this part of the paper machine. This technology is being used on bath tissue and paper towels, but only rarely (if ever) on paper napkins or facial tissue. More conventional tissue papermaking technologies include: Light Dry Crepe (LDC) and Heavy Wet Crepe (HWC).
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The TAD accompanies the goods where a transit declaration is processed at an office of departure by the NCTS. Copies A and B of the TAD replace copies No 4 and No 5 of the SAD. The TAD corresponds to the specimen and notes in Appendix III, Annexes D3 and D4 Convention/Annex 45a IPC.
Transit Accompanying Document
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Tad was an American rock band from Seattle, Washington. They were one of the first of the many bands which came out of Seattle in the grunge era. Their music had a noticeable 1970s metal influence, rather than the punk which influenced most other grunge bands.
Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion (wastewater sludge treatment)
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See TRON Application Databus.
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see tat
High powered nucke missile; Total Annihilation Device.
Technical Architecture Document
Turnaround Document
Test Access Digroup. A path that connects the Digital Test Access Unit to the test system. The TAD does not carry service traffic; it only carries testing traffic.
Assigning codes to a trouble ticket so that it is properly logged and routed to facilitate resolution.
Temporary Additional Duty. SEALs refer to it as Traveling Around Drunk.
Tobacco Acquisition Disorder. A condition in which one purchases tobacco at what might be called an alarming rate.
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a slight amount or degree of difference; "a tad too expensive"; "not a tad of difference"; "the new model is a shade better than the old one"
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Terminal Adapter