Definitions for "Build-out"
The process of finishing raw space. Normally involving commercial leased space, build-out is typically negotiated between the building owner (landlord) and the tenant. Items to be negotiated include what improvements will be made, who will pay for them, who will be responsible for getting the work done and what will the tenant be able to remove or be required to remove at the end of the lease.
The space improvements put in place to meet a tenant's specifications.
The space improvements put in place per the tenant's specifications. Takes into consideration the amount of Tenant Finish Allowance provided for in the lease agreement. See also " Tenant Improvement Allowance"
the full development of a piece of land based on its specific zoning parameters.
Build-out is an urban planner’s estimate of the amount and location of potential development for an area. Build-out is one step of the land use planning process. Evaluation of potential development impacts begins with a build-out analysis.