Definitions for "ESTATE AT SUFFERANCE"
What occurs when a tenant remains after eviction or after their term for lease or rent is expired.This is illegal and a landlord or property manager can have the tenant evicted or treated as a trespasser.They can also continue to accept the tenant by continuing to demand the same terms they exacted from the tenant before.This last is referred to as "tenancy at sufferance."If you plan to buy foreclosed properties for renting out, you will want to consider what to do if a tenant simply refuses to leave after their agreement is up.
The leasehold of a tenant who entered the property legally under the terms of a lease, but who has continued to occupy the property after the tenants rights under the lease, including the legal right to possession, have expired.
The continued occupation of a premises by a tenant after the lease has expired or after the landlord has taken legal and appropriate steps to remove the tenant.