Definitions for "LANDLORD'S LIEN"
Several types of landlord?s liens are created by contract or by statute. Some examples are (1) A contractual landlord?s lien; (2) Statutory landlord?s lien; and (3) Landlord?s remedy of distress (or right of distraint), which is not truly a lien but has a similar effect.
lien on a tenant's property for the satisfaction of unpaid rent or property damage; the landlord is given the status of a preferred creditor with regard to the tenant's property
The privilege given by some state statutes to a landlord when a tenant has not paid rent due which allows the landlord to impose a lien for the rent against the tenant's property located in the leased premises. Since the landlord's lien is a potential rival to the UCC security interest, secured lenders often try to obtain a landlord's waiver in advance, before taking on a prospect in a state which recognizes the landlord's lien.