Definitions for "Retaliatory Eviction"
Under common law theory, a landlord can evict a tenant for any legal reason including no reason at all. The doctrine of retaliatory eviction modifies this rule as a matter of public policy by holding that a landlord cannot evict a tenant in retaliation for the tenant's assertion of some legal right (e.g., reporting a building code violation) or engagement in a protected activity. North Carolina Gen. Stat. ยง 42-37 adopts this doctrine for residential tenancies.
an eviction in reprisal for the tenant's good-faith complaints against the landlord; illegal in many states
An act by a landlord, such as raising a resident's rent, seeking to evict a resident, or otherwise punishing a resident because the resident has used the repair and deduct remedy or the rent withholding remedy, or has asserted other resident rights.