Definitions for "TENANCY AT WILL"
A tenancy in which a person holds or occupies real estate with permission of the owner, for a term of unspecified or uncertain durations, i.e. there is no fixed term to the tenancy.
A holding of real estate without agreement or fixed term of possession that can be terminated at the will of either the lessor or lessee.
A right to occupy property for an indefinite term that is created by the owner or person in lawful possession giving permission to another person to occupy the property. Terminating a tenancy at will requires the same legal procedure as terminating a month-to-month tenancy.
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A tenancy for an indeterminate period.
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Tenancy By The Entireties
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a curious creature in that it tends to be personal
a relationship created by a tenancy agreement which is ongoing and has no defined ending date
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a right of this kind