Definitions for "Bingo"
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bingo is a free multiplayer verision of the chance game bingo.
a game commonly used for low-stakes gambling, in which numbered balls or slips are drawn at random and players cover the correponding numbers on their cards, called Bingo cards, which have square arrangement of such numbers. Each card has a different arrangement of the numbers, and the first player to cover all numbers in one row (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) is the winner, usually announcing that fact by a cry of "Bingo!"
The original name for keno. Although keno and bingo are very different today, both use similar balls to represent numbers drawn.
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Enough fuel remaining for safe return to base.
Radio call indicating aircraft has critical (low) fuel state
a prebriefed amount of fuel that would allow a safe return to the base of intended landing. Bad weather would force higher "bingo fuel" amounts. A radio call of "bingo fuel" would lead to an RTB.
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When all seven tiles on a player's rack are used in a single play. A Bingo play receives a 50-point bonus.
What results when a player uses all seven tiles on his rack in a single turn. Bingo is a noun ("He had four bingos, the lucky so-and-so’’) and a verb ("I bingoed four times. Aren’t I special?’’). Players do not, however, shout "Bingo!’’ after making one.
Any word played that uses all seven letters on the rack, earning a bonus of 50 points.
Bingo is a 1991 American family comedy film. Bingo, a runaway circus dog who leaves the big top, saves the life of Chuckie (Robert J. Steinmiller Jr.), a young boy who is having trouble fitting in with his pals.
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Buy-in growth-opportunity. An attractive investment opportunity where in an MBI or MBO or BIMBO a significant proportion of the funding raised goes toward growing the business. This should not be confused with the DINGO. See below.
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a fun way for students to practice using the IPA symbols
Bingo is an English language children's song of obscure origin.
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First ball hit onto the green.