Definitions for "Mutation"
Change; alteration, either in form or qualities.
As now employed (first by de Vries), a cellular process resulting in a sudden inheritable variation (the offspring differing from its parents in some well-marked character or characters) as distinguished from a gradual variation in which the new characters become fully developed only in the course of many generations. The occurrence of mutations, the selection of strains carrying mutations permitting enhanced survival under prevailing conditions, and the mechanism of hereditary of the characters so appearing, are well-established facts; whether and to what extent the mutation process has played the most important part in the evolution of the existing species and other groups of organisms is an unresolved question.
The result of the above process; a suddenly produced variation.
Mutation replaces the traditional monolithic MUAs with a desktop-wide framework. Retrieving, composing, reading e-mails can be done in independent modules, which allows a much tighter integration with other applications and components of the GNOME deskto
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a random, wild, event
A random or induced event that can lead to an inheritable modification of the genome.
An allele present in a progeny that is not present in the genome of either its parents.
The action of adding Calvados to apple must to obtain pommeau or brandy to grape must to obtain pineau.
a common factor that predispose to thrombosis
a rearrangement of letters that is only vaguely appropriate or even entirely irrelevant to its solution
Mutations are stops that add specific harmonics to color the organ chorus sound. Mutations are usually indicated by fractional length, such as 2 2/3, 1 3/5, 10 2/3.
An intentional or unintentional modification to the product of a replication process.
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a mix of two sprites, parts taken from each to make a single combined sprite
In the mathematical field of knot theory, a mutation is an operation on a knot that can produce different knots. Suppose K is a knot given in the form of a knot diagram. Consider a disc D in the projection plane of the diagram whose boundary circle intersects K exactly four times.
Gradual definitely tending variation, such as may be observed in a group of organisms in the fossils of successive geological levels.
a naturally occuring difference from the norm
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a thing, an adaptation