Definitions for "Stagnation"
The condition of being stagnant; cessation of flowing or circulation, as of a fluid; the state of being motionless; as, the stagnation of the blood; the stagnation of water or air; the stagnation of vapors.
The cessation of action, or of brisk action; the state of being dull; as, the stagnation of business.
The condition of being free from movement or lacking circulation.
A period of little or no economic growth. see also stagflation.
A period of slow economic growth, or, in securities trading, a period of inactive trading.
This term refers to a negative level of economic growth - the economy shrinking. If this only happens in the short-term it may be called a recession, but if it lasts longer, then it may be referred to as stagnation.
Lack of motion in a mass of air or water that holds pollutants in place.
With respect to air pollution, stagnation is the persistence of a given volume of stable air over a region, resulting in an abnormal buildup of pollutants from sources within the region.
a blockage or buildup of qi or blood that prevents it from flowing freely. Is a precursor of illness and disease and is frequently accompanied by pain or tingling
The point on an airfoil that separates the upper and lower streamlines. These are depicted by a single white line between the yellow and green streamlines.
a state of self-absorption, self-indulgence, and invalidism that middle adults may experience if they fail to develop generativity.
Stagnation is a general term that includes Qi Stagnation and Blood Stagnation, but also refers to the halting or disruption of the function of an organ or organ system. For example, Lung Stagnation refers to the halting or disruption of the Lung function.
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