Definitions for "Short Run"
The limited amount of time during any given session when probability theory will seemingly be skewed by streaks and fluctuations. Also called Short-Term.
A limited amount of time when probability theory will be marked by streaks or fluctuations.
Referring to a short time horizon, usually one in which some aspects of behavior that would vary over a longer time do not have time to do so. In trade models, it usually means that the employment of some factors of production is fixed. Contrasts with long run.
the short period during which supply and demand are relatively fixed.
the period of time during which it is not possible to change all inputs to production; only some inputs, such as labor, can be changed.
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A short series of bets or events in any game.
A short series of wagers or game events.
a period of time where you cannot change those structural problems, so you have to apply programmes or policies to alleviate some of the symptoms