Definitions for "SHELF LIFE"
The length of time a material, substance, product, or reagent can be stored under specified environmental conditions and continue to meet all applicable specification requirements and/or remain suitable for its intended function.
The length of time that a good can be stored while still remaining useful enough to sell. Important for both perishable goods and goods that may become obsolete for reasons of technology or fashion. Relevant for international trade when, for example, customs procedures cause delays.
The maximum time an item may be stored before use.
Ready Made boilies with a long life expectancy in the bag
Many safety products have shelf lives, in particular regards to lifejackets, salt pellets, valves and co2 cylinders have a fixed life.
some institutions have time limits for granting transfer credit. Courses with a 'shelf life' are most common in areas such as nursing, business and computer science where up to date curriculum is essential. Transfer Agreement - an agreement between two institutions (a sender and a receiver) that specifies how the sending institution's course or program will be accepted for (transfer) credit at the receiving institution.
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generally relates to the Use-by-date of canned and dry goods. Dry goods include tea, flour, sugar etc.