Definitions for "Aging"
the process by which objects or materials acquire desirable qualities by being left undisturbed for some time under specific conditions. It is used mostly for foods snd beverages, but also for other materials.
a cat becomes senior at around ten years, but its old age can be extended. As it ages a cat will lose aggressiveness, its sight and hearing will become less acute, its weight will change and its bodily functions will be less regular. an aged cat should have a regular check up by a veterinarian.
all regular changes that take place in biologically mature individuals as they advance through the life course. Changes occur not only in the structure and functioning of the body, but they also involve adjustment in behavior as persons advance through their social life.
Holding cream at appropriately cool temperatures to crystallize the butterfat globules, ensuring proper churning and texture of the butter.
Effect on materials in service of exposure to an environment for an interval of time.
Change in the properties of a material that occurs at moderately elevated temperatures after hot working or heat treatment.
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Biological processes which occur only in properly sealed air-tight containers containing natural tobaccos. Mr. Pease notes that such containers are "little ecosystems" in their processes and complexity.
Process for determining the time lapse since sign was made. This would include taking into consideration the effects of natural elements (rain, sun, dew, etc.) on the ground and vegetation impacted by footfall.
The process of mellowing tobacco that has been cured by storing.
Physiological functional decline over time, the effects of which can be positively influenced and in some instances prevented or reversed through proper nutrition, exercise, attitude, and stimulation.
the decline of the physiological functions which occurs with time, accompanied by a falling probability of survival.
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A schedule of accounts broken down according to the month of an invoiceÕs original billing date.
The grouping of like transactions by date. Example - sorting invoices by due date. Adjusting Entries: Special accounting entries that are made when you close the books at the end of an accounting period to bring the ledger up to date.
an undisputable fact of life that transgresses any human intervention
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A mechanism through which the mobile station maintains in its Neighbor Set the pilots that have been recently sent to it from the base station and the pilots whose drop timers have recently expired.
the irreversible loss of capacity in rechargeable batteries.
growing old
The physical, psychological, and social processes associated with growing older.
A report or schedule of all outstanding accounts payable or accounts receivable that lists all account debtors or creditors by name, shows the total amount due to each debtor, and shows how much of the amount due to each debtor is due within specific time periods.
Permanent loss of capacity due to repeated use or the effects of time
Mechanisms that cause degradation of properties or performance over a period of time.
a universal experience, but its meaning differs dramatically in various societies
The procedure by which accounts are classified for the purpose of determining delinquency, ranging from current to charge-off status.
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Accounts receivable report.